Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Journey with Jesus

I'm going on a journey!  I've sorta been on it over the past few months ... but only half-heartedly.  On February 3rd, my husband, Darrell, and I started something called The Daniel Plan.  If you haven't heard about it, it's a lifestyle change plan (not a diet!) that incorporates faith, food, fitness, friends, and focus.  It is a plan to change the way you take care of your body, your mind, your relationships, and your soul.  You work on each of these areas A LITTLE AT A TIME to produce LASTING change that you can carry with you the rest of your life.  Those are the things I like about this plan the most ... you go at your own pace to make changes (for me a [very] little at a time!), and you hit every area of your life, not just food, so that your purpose is more intentional and motivational. ... Well, I was super resistant when we started back in February.  I was in denial.  I was lazy.  And although I've had a little success ... I've lost five pounds; I feel better; I'm exercising regularly; and I've cut out A LOT of junk food, and I eat more veggies ... okay, so I guess I've had more than a little success. ;)  Haha!  BUT!  I will say that I can do more.  I can feel the power within me to make REAL, LASTING changes that I can be EXCITED ABOUT.  And finally ... I WANT TO, and I see that I really need to. ... Hallelujah! :)

I'm going on a journey with Jesus!  A journey to deeper faith, better food choices, more physical activity, more intentional relationships, and a thankful heart and an eternal perspective.  The Daniel Plan is all about setting goals, so I'm gonna set a goal or two for each "F" essential I mentioned earlier.  And I'm writing them here so that I will remember them, be able to refer back to them regularly, and commit them to completion.

My goals for 40 days (and beyond!) ...

FAITH - Whether I do other Bible studies and other reading or not, I will read one page in my Jesus Calling book and look up the Scriptures, and I will journal a one-page prayer each day.

FOOD - I will follow the Daniel Plan plate more closely than I have over the past four months, and I will limit my sugar intake by only allowing myself two desserts and three sweet teas a week.

FITNESS - I will do a cardio workout at least four times each week.

FRIENDS - I will share my health progress with my "health buddies" and encourage them with their progress at least once a week.  I will pray for my friends at least once a week.

FOCUS - I will practice thankfulness each day.  I will write in my Daniel Plan journal and write a blog post about my success each day.

Ready or ... yeah, I'm ready!  Here I go! :)

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