Saturday, May 31, 2014

Journey with Jesus Day 2

Today was another success ... still a few setbacks but still successful!  I did have too much sugar again today.  My snacks were sugary.  It "sounds" healthy to have a yogurt parfait or a granola bar or trail mix ... at least it sounds healthy to me.  But really, all of those things have tons of sugar in them!  It stinks.  Every time I think I'm making a healthier choice, I find out it's really unhealthy for me.  Lame.  I hope it's at least healthier than the big bag of potato chips or the dozen cookies I really wanna eat.  Haha! ... I try not to get too discouraged though.  I AM making better choices overall, and lasting change is a PROCESS!  I am not a cold turkey kind of person .... I have to be eased into things.  So I'll cut the sugar out a little at a time.  I definitely count today as a good day! :)

Breakfast - uhh, I kinda slept through that.  Haha!  I had the day off work. :)
Lunch - 3/4 of a bean burrito and mixed veggies
Snack - 2/3 cup of berry yogurt with granola and mixed berries
Dinner - PB&J, broccoli, cheese stick, and dill pickles
Snack - cheese stick, apple, granola bar, and trail mix (I had an early dinner ...)
And I drank 64+ ounces of water again! :)

I also worked out a lot today ... 30 minutes of swimming at L.A. Fitness and a 40-minute walk in the park.  Yay! :)

My Jesus Calling was all about thankfulness today.  "Punctuating" my day with thankfulness.  Sounds like a plan, huh?  What are YOU thankful for today? ... I am thankful for my loving and supportive family.  And I am thankful that they are all safe.  I was thinking tonight about how thankful I am that Darrell and I are living with my parents because life is so short, and I get to see my parents everyday now.  What a blessing!

Onward! :)

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