Monday, May 26, 2014

SoZo Devotionals: 1 Samuel

I started reading through the book of 1 Samuel recently ... so what better place to get our devotionals this week than what I'm reading in my own personal devotions? :)  Hope you can get some good stuff out of this week's devos ... well, of course you will!  It's GOD'S Word you're reading!  Soak it up!  Sit and think about it.  Grow!  And have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 26th - Read 1 Samuel 1
I think Hannah is such a cool lady!  She had so much faith!  As I read this chapter, I was able to learn a few things about Hannah that I can think about in my own life.  Read about Hannah in this chapter, and then write down the things you find about her character.  Do YOU carry the same character qualities in your life?

Tuesday, May 27th - Read 1 Samuel 2
Again, I found more character qualities in Hannah.  Can you find 'em?  And then think about it ... do you exhibit those same qualities?  How can YOU grow in your character today?

Wednesday, May 28th - Read 1 Samuel 3
Samuel was READY to follow the Lord and do as He commanded.  Think about YOUR life.  Are YOU ready to follow the Lord?  Do YOU strive to do all that He has called you to do?  If not, what can you do to change that?

Thursday, May 29th - Read 1 Samuel 7:3-4
If we are following the Lord, why is it to important to "put away" (get rid of!) the gods (or idols) in our lives?  What is an idol?  Do YOU have idols in your life?  How can you get rid of them and follow after the Lord?  How can you "direct your heart to the Lord and serve Him only" as it says in verse 3?

Friday, May 30th - Read 1 Samuel 12:14-15
Verse 14 - What happens when we fear and obey the Lord?
Verse 15 - What happens when we rebel against the Lord?
HOW do YOU fear and obey the Lord in your daily life?
HOW do YOU rebel against the Lord in your daily life?
What changes do you need to make to honor the Lord?

Saturday, May 31st - 1 Samuel 13:8-15
What can you learn from Saul's life?
What happened when Saul didn't trust God and went His own way?
What happens when we don't trust God and walk our own way?

Don't forget to spend some time talking with Jesus this week.  He loves to hear from you ... He seeks your worship ... and He wants to answer your prayers and lift your burdens. :)

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