Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Currently (May 2014) ... stolen from Hannah :)

Currently, I am ...

FEELING ... restless.  Discontent.  Guilty.  Thankful.  Ha!  Yeah, that last one doesn't fit, does it?  I have been learning so much about thankfulness over the course of this last year.  My Bible study leaders, Rick and Patti Ehrhardt, have contributed to that quite a bit ... and then, of course, the Holy Spirit.  He is so faithful to work in my life, even when I'm not faithful to Him.  I've grown a lot in thankfulness, and I continue to strive to possess a thankful heart each and every day.  But over the past several weeks, I have been struggling. ... I'm tired of my job - I have so much downtime.  I've gotten lots of good reading done, but I don't know how much more I can read!  And I'm a productive person, and having tons of downtime each day really wears on me.  So I've just lost sight of thankfulness concerning my job.  And a lot of my friends are having babies.  And I've caught the baby fever!  God could give us a baby any time.  But so far, no luck.  So I struggle to be content with the waiting.  I'm just ready for a new adventure ... what better adventure than being a MOM!

READING ... my Bible ... 1 Samuel to be more specific ... Jesus Calling by Sarah Young ... and Better Off Without Jesus by Chuck Bomar.  I finally got my reading list down to three books!  Haha!  I was reading about 4 other books ... The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers, The Daniel Plan, Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman, and Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst ... and it was crazy trying to read so many books at one time!  Sooo many good books though!

THINKING ... "what a long day!"  I'm a job coach for a high school in my area, and with it being the last three days of school, we're not taking the kids out to their jobs in the community ... therefore, I have no job.  I'll probably read a few tests to kids in the Resource room later, but for now ... I've got nothin'!  Nothing to do.  And I would keep busy if I could ... but there's nothing for me to do.  Aide positions are fairly specific.  So why not blog? ;)

PLANNING ... to try again with The Daniel Plan.  Darrell never used his Daniel Plan journal, so I'm gonna try another 40 days of healthy eating, exercising, perspective, relationships, and faith.  (Those are the goals of the Daniel Plan, by the way!)  I'm hoping it will kick-start me to healthier living.  The first time went alright ... but this time is gonna be even better!

DREAMING ... of becoming a MOM. :)  My husband and I have been off birth control for about 2 months ... so I'm hoping to be a mama sometime in the near future.  I think about it a lot ... I try to be thankful for where I am and be patient for when God wants a baby for us.  Overall, I think I'm pretty good about the wait ... but some days (especially when I see Ivy and Belle ... or hear about Tiffany's baby Gillian on the way), I struggle a bit.  But all in God's time ... He's got it! :)

SETTING GOALS ... to lose some weight and get healthy physically ... but also spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.  I wanna be physically healthy to take care of my family (which will hopefully be growing soon!) and have the energy to love and serve the people around me.  I wanna be spiritually healthy so that I can honor Jesus and love and serve the people around me.  I wanna be emotionally healthy so that I can overcome my failure issues, learn to give myself grace, respond to circumstances with an eternal perspective, and so that I can love and serve the people around me.  And I wanna be relationally healthy so that I can grow as an encourager and love and serve the people around me.

EATING ... mostly whole foods, more veggies, and less sugar.  I still mess up quite a bit, but I am doing better than I was 6 months ago ... and imperfect progress is still progress. :)

TRYING ... to be more thankful and let go of the try-hard life.

EXCITED ... to have a change of pace and scenery for my job this summer.  I'll be working for my mom, helping her get The Porch ready to reopen later this summer.  No job coaching again until August.

LAUGHING ... at my husband.  He makes up languages, tickles me, hugs me and then goes dead weight and pretends to snore loudly in my ear, cracks jokes and acts crazy all the time but especially when I'm having a downer day.  He's just a huge goofball, and I love him!

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