Saturday, July 19, 2014

Journey with Jesus Day 22

I'm so thankful because I'm encouraged about my health today. :) I have really set my mind to making healthy choices this week, and even though I've had a few setbacks, overall, it has been a very successful week. ... I've been thinking about how what we eat affects our mood, so that has been a motivator. I've been thinking about how I am two pant sizes above my ideal weight and how discouraging that is. (A size 14 is what I believe the Mical Masterson-Thompson weight is...just in case you were wondering.) :) I'm the the biggest and most unhealthy (joint aches, mood swings, physical fitness) I've ever been. And it's just got to stop! So I am determined to get healthy! ... After all, my body houses the Holy Spirit, and I wanna honor Him and make Him proud. So I'm not gonna stop trying! I'm gonna keep pursuing and being excited about imperfect progress. For so many reasons! :)

Breakfast - cheese stick and trail mix
Lunch - turkey burger (no bun), sliced tomato from the garden, broccoli, and homemade baked fries
Snack - cheese and flaxseed crackers, trail mix, and an apple
Dinner - chicken and veggies with brown rice
More than 64 ounces of water
I didn't workout today, but I got some physical activity playing golf for 4 hours :)

Good night, everyone! Don't give up on your health goals! Just don't give up, okay? :)

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