Monday, July 14, 2014

SoZo Devotionals: Romans 12:1-8

Hey, everyone!

On Sunday mornings during Sunday School, the middle school and high schoolers will be studying through Romans chapter 12 ... one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.  I thought what better content for our weekly devotionals??? :D  So take a few minutes each day this week to read the assigned verses, think through the questions, and talk to the Lord about your day.  I usually use the ESV when I read my Bible, so I encourage you to find which version of the Bible works for you.  And I also encourage you to read the NLT alongside it for our study through Romans.  I just like that version to help me apply what I'm reading to my everyday life.

Devo #1 - Read Romans 12:1
What is a "living sacrifice"?
How can YOU be a living sacrifice this week?
What kinds of things in this life are "holy and acceptable" to God?
How can we make OUR LIVES holy and acceptable to God?

Devo #2 - Read Romans 12:2
This verse says, "don't copy the behavior of this world" or "do not conform to this world" ... in what ways DO WE copy the ways of this world?
How can we NOT copy or conform to this world? ... pst!  What does the next part of the verse say? ;)
How can we allow the Holy Spirit to transform, or totally change, the way we think?

Devo #3 - Read Romans 12:3
In what ways do we "think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think"?
How can YOU put the needs of others before your own this week?
What does thinking with "sober judgment" mean?
How can YOU practice sober judgment this week?

Devo #4 - Read Romans 12:4-5
What do you believe YOUR function is in the Body of Christ? ... If you aren't sure, go ask your parents or a Christian friend about it...they can probably help.
What do you think "one body in Christ means"?

Devo #5 - Read Romans 12:7-8
Do you have any of the gifts mentioned in these verses? If so, how are you using your gifts for the Lord? If not, are there any you would like to have? If so, pick one to practice this week.

Prayer Requests -
- Olivia - freshman orientation and P.E. final
- Kristy - frustrations with softball team

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