Thursday, October 7, 2010

GoG 255: The Success of Joshua 1:5-9

Joshua 1:5-9
Umm ... yeah. I was gonna type this out ... but it is stinkin' long!!! So you're on your own for this one. But seriously, take the time to read this passage. It has some good stuff in it! Go ... now.

Okay ... are you back yet? Did you read it? You better have read it .... ;)

Andy Schnur, one of the coolest guys in the world and a member of SoZo (yes! He's one of MY kids!), has been leading a senior high Bible study at Calvary for several months now ... but you should know that if you keep up with my blog because I've mentioned him a few times before. The Bible study is awesome! He does such a great job with it! ... We've been taking a look at Joshua, and with him, leadership. As part of our study, we took a look at the first chapter of Joshua. And man, oh man ... lots of conviction from the five verses I mentioned above. I carried those verses with me for over a week; I was that convicted!

The greatest conviction I gathered from the passage ....
If we would just read our Bibles and soak up what God says and live our lives by it, then nothing and no one could stand against us AND we'd have great success at whatever we put our hand to.

Seriously? That is amazing!
Let's read our Bibles, people!!!! :)

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