Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GoG 276: The Compliment from Andy

I've told you before that Andy is doing an incredible job with Sr. High Bible Study on Monday nights. And a week ago, we had yet another great night of discussion and getting into the Word.

And I found such grace in a compliment that Andy gave me in the middle of the discussion. I was answering a question that he put out there for us, and he kept probing me to get me to say more. At the end, I gave him a funny look, and he said (to me and the rest of the teens there), "Well, I was gonna see what she was gonna say because Mical usually has something good to say ... and she did."

Andy is in my youth group, but I definitely look up to him. He's one of the coolest, most godly guys ever. So a compliment coming from him is the best!

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