Thursday, October 7, 2010

GoG 261: The Many Moms!

Believe it or not, I have more than one mom.

Haha! Well, obviously, I only have one mom. Yes, and she is the best!!! But I found that over time, I acquire more moms.
~ When I was in high school, Pastor Mike and Shelley took SoZo to the rehab center in town for a fashion show. We put on the fashion show for the residents. Afterwards, we went out into the crowd to talk with the residents. I was talking to a few old ladies, and they asked if Pastor Mike and Shelley were my parents. We all laugh about it to this day because they are not old enough to be my parents. So PM and Shelley call me Junior ... and I call Shelley, Shelley Mom.
~ After becoming friends with Judy Nilsen ... e-mailing, reading each other's blogs, being great friends with Ben and James, walks in the park ... she's told me I'm almost like one of her kids. And I'd definitely put her on my "mom list." :)
~ And a few weeks ago, I discovered that I have yet another mom. An older couple at my church, Richard and Carol Swenke, come up to me every Sunday and give me a hug and tell me how pretty and special I am. One Sunday, Carol's sister was visiting from Florida, and they introduced me to her as "their daughter." Ha! It was incredibly flattering. And it was at that moment, I told my mom that she's sharing me with other moms. :D

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