Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Wanna Wait Like This!

My Surrender Sister over at Rant, Repose, and Ruminate posted some amazing thoughts on her blog not too long ago ... and I really got hit with this little snipet.

Let's really learn to wait ... to really savor God's work in our lives as we wait on Him!
Wanna keep trying with me?

"There is a kind of waiting that is good for the soul, it builds it stronger, purges it of all trifling thoughts, purifies the expectations, makes one more like Jesus Christ, and builds a mighty faith within."

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Anonymous said...

Give the credit to Eric Ludy. He was the one I quoted!

Seriously, anyone, everyone, google out "Set Apart Life", to find the cyber-home of Eric and Leslie Ludy. They will encourage you on the narrow way with their passion for the things of God.