Friday, July 24, 2009

Things Above Part 2

Again …
Colossians 3:2
Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Christ’s Standards for Our Lives Part 2: 2 Corinthians

1:4 – Comfort others with the comfort God gives you.
1:12 – Live in holiness and Godly sincerity, not in the flesh.

2:15 – Live your life so that when people see you, talk to you, or even think about you, they are reminded of Jesus.
2:16 – Live your life for Christ, which brings life. Don’t live for yourself, which brings death.
2:17 – Do not corrupt the word of God.

3:5 – You are adequate in Christ alone. You are nothing by yourself.
3:17 – Jesus – His work in your life through the Holy Spirit – is what frees you from sin!
3:18 – God is making you more like Jesus everyday.

4:1 – We have a ministry (a life!) to live well!
4:7 – The greatness of power is from God, not us.
4:10-12 – We must live our lives to honor Jesus’ sacrifice so that His life will give life to our mortal bodies.
4:16-17 – Do not get down because these trials and heartaches – if you overcome them – will help you receive eternal life.
4:18 – Don’t get too caught up in what you can see and feel – pleasures, pains – ‘cause they are only temporary. Do put all your attention on things that you can’t see or feel – Jesus, His purposes – ‘cause they will last forever.

5:1 – Tent vs. Kingdom of Heaven … where is your real home?
5:2-4 – We must live for eternal things, not temporal things.
5:7 – Walk by faith.
5:9 – Make it your greatest aim to please the Lord.
5:11 – Fear the Lord.
5:14 – Live in such a way that the love of Christ controls you … how must you live? What must you do (let go of) to allow Christ’s love to control you?
5:15 – Do not live for yourself … live for Christ … and honor the sacrifice He made for you.
5:18-20 – What must you do to be reconciled to God?
5:21 – We are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. Honor Him!

6:1 – Do not dismiss or dishonor the greatness of the power of God’s grace.
6:14 – Do not marry or get attached to people who don’t love Jesus.
6:17 – Be separate, different, set apart from the world.

7:1 – Get rid of fleshly desires, and work on becoming more and more holy.
7:9-10 – God allows sorrow to bring us to repentance, repentance that genuinely changes our hearts. So embrace trials!

8:3 – Give freely and joyfully to everyone around you.
8:4 – Support fellow Christ-followers.
8:5&7 – Continually give yourself to God and to others.
8:21 – Value honorable things.
8:24 – Prove your love. Be genuine.

9 – Ministry --- Readiness --- Zeal --- Boasting --- Prepared --- Unprepared --- Shame
--- Sow well – reap well
--- Give cheerfully
--- Obedience --- Confession --- Contribution --- Grace

10:5 – Take every thought captive for the honor and glory of Jesus.
10:17-18 – Only boast in the Lord.

11:3 – Live a simple and pure Christian life … simply and purely devoted to Christ.

12:7 – Allow your trials to humble you.
12:9-10 – Bask in God’s grace, and wait on His power to be made known to you.

13:5 – Examine your walk. Are you taking your faith seriously?

Amazing! ..... So let's soak 'em all up! And then? What should we study next? :D

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