Friday, July 3, 2009

"This may seem juevenile, but ....."

So ... can you tell that someone is unmotivated and has too much time on her hands? .... 3 posts in one day? After not posting much at all for months?! Wow! .... I'm making up for lost posts, right? ;)

Anyway ...
This'll be short and sweet ...
I was watching a movie today while I was pricing books for my mom ... Return to Me.
Very sappy.
Very girly.
Very sad.
Very happily ever after.
Very Mical.

I never used to be this way ... honest. But the older I get ... yes, I know I'm only 22 ... the more ridiculous I get.
But anyway ....
There was a line in the movie that made the girly .... and untouchy part of me .... come out.

Robert (Bob) and Grace were standing on a balcony, overlooking the lights of the city ... they were silent. Then ... Bob talked about how he and his late wife grew up together, got married young ... and then he said, "This may seem juevenile, but .... can I hold your hand?"

Oh! My heart melted. My butterflies were doing backflips in my stomach. My eyes teared up.
(Yes ... I warned you! I'm getting bad!)
But in all seriousness ... I'm not the most touchy girl around. If I ever find the right guy, I'm gonna have to be eased into the whole touching part of the relationship. I'm just that way. .... So I really appreciated what Bob did in this movie. He simply asked, "can I hold your hand?" ... He didn't put the move on her. He didn't assume. ..... He was just amazing.

Ahh. Yeah. :) .... Welp! That's really it. I'm done.

Except .... if you didn't think Mical Masterson was a total girl .... by now, you have no doubt! What a girly post! Ha ha ha! :D
Have a great weekend, everybody! :)


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jan said...

Mike did that the first time we kissed. We were standing alone, in the dark, outside, and he looked down at me and said, "Can I kiss you?"
I melted.