Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things Above Part 1

Colossians 3:2
Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.

Christ’s Standards for Our Lives
Things Above Part 1: 1 Corinthians

1:8 – Be blameless … without sin.
1:10 – Do not be divided but of the same mind.
1:20 – Consider the wisdom of the world to be foolishness.
1:31 – Boast only in Christ.

2:1 – Be humble. Focus on Jesus.
2:5 – Put your faith in God, not men.
2:1-5 – Set an example of humility and a focus on God so that others will see you and put their faith in God rather than men.
2:7 – Speak God’s wisdom.
2:15 – Examine everything.
2:16 – Have a mind like Jesus.

3:1-4 – Do not walk as mere men – be mature in your relationship with Jesus.
3:10 – Lay a foundation … make that foundation Christ Jesus … build on that foundation of Christ … and be careful how you build.
3:16-17 – Live as God’s temple, and do not destroy His temple.
3:21-23 – Do not boast in men on account of what you have because everything you have belongs to you, but you belong to Christ … and Christ belongs to God. …. So since you belong to Christ, act like it!

4:1 – Be a servant of Christ. Be a good steward of the things of God.
4:2 – Be trustworthy.
4:5 – Do not pass judgment.
4:16 – Imitate people who live for Jesus.

5:11 – Get away from any man who proclaims Christ but doesn’t live for Him.

6:1-7 – Don’t freak out when someone wrongs you.
6:8 – Don’t sue someone or make their faults known if your faults are just as bad or worse.
6:12 – Don’t do something just to do it – be sure you have the right motives, and be sure it does not control you.

7:23 – Do not become slaves of men.
7:32-34 – Unmarried: focus on the things of God while you are undistracted.
7:35 – Secure undistracted devotion to the Lord.

8:2 – Be humble.
8:9-10 – Be careful in the way that you live. God may not convict you about certain things, but you are an example. Be careful not to make someone else stumble.

9:19-23 – See things from other people’s perspectives so that you can see where they’re coming from, which gives you the opportunity to be more effective in winning them to Christ.
9:24 – Run this race of life to win! In order to win, you must work at it, train hard, and not be a slacker!
9:25 – Exercise self-control … and work toward that imperishable prize – eternity with Jesus!
9:26 – Run this race of life intentionally!

10:12 – Be careful how and what you boast about. Depending on what you’re boasting in, you will fall.
10:14 – Run away from idolatry.
10:23 – Don’t assume that just because the law says something is okay, it really is.
10:24 – Consider other’s interests before your own.
10:27-29 – Set and example. Don’t cause other people to sin.
10:31 – Do everything for Jesus!

11:1 – Imitate those who imitate Christ.
11:28 – Examine your heart before you take communion … and this is such a great rule for every area of our lives.

12:8-10 – Find out what your spiritual gifts are and grow in them.
12:15-25 – Don’t think you are more or less important than other people because God has gifts for everyone, and everyone is needed for His plans.
12:18 – God’s in charge, and He knows what He’s doing.
12:28 – Gifts again.
12:31 – Desire the gifts of the Spirit … use the gifts you have … and grow in the gifts you don’t have.

13:2 – Possess the right motives.
13:4-8 – Be patient and kind. Don’t be jealous of others. Don’t brag about yourself or about the things you have. Don’t be full of yourself. Don’t act like a fool. Don’t be selfish. Don’t hold a grudge against someone or lash out at them when you’re wronged. Don’t get excited about or tolerate sin. Get excited about the things of God. Bear with others, and bear all situations. Believe the truth, and believe that God is who He says He is. Hope in Christ. Endure through hardships. Don’t fail to live for and love Jesus first and foremost.

14:1 – Pursue a greater love for God and a greater love for His people. Desire spiritual gifts.
14:12 – Encourage others with your gifts.
14:20 – Be mature in your thinking. Do not know evil well.
14:40 – Spiritual gifts must be done for the right reasons – for the encouragement of the Body.

15:2 – Believe in the word of God – cherish it, and do what it says.
15:33 – Don’t act like or take part in the lives of those who believe the resurrection is untrue because bad company corrupts good character.

16:13 – Be alert. Stand firm in the faith. Be mature in your walk with Jesus. Be strong in your faith and character.
16:14 – Do everything in love. Love Jesus first and foremost, and then everything you do will come from the love you have for Him.
16:20 – Say hello to everyone with the love of Christ.

Stay tuned for Part 2! :D Coming soon!

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