Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family Thanksgiving in Ohio :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks Day is coming to an end .... aren't you glad that our thanks is NOT!? :D

I traveled with my mom, dad, and brother to Cincinnati, Ohio today for our annual family Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. It was a good time! Seeing family is always fun. :) .... Just wanted to share a quick run down of the highlights of my day and ask you to tell me about YOUR Thanksgiving. What did ya'll do???
Some of the highlights ....
- I had a great conversation with my grandma and great aunt about the lessons God's been teaching me over the past year. It is such a blessing to have family members who love Jesus and are diligent in following after the Lord. That was a blessing I ended up thanking God for throughout the day. And it was especially great seeing my great aunt, Peggy. She has been one of the greatest encouragers of my extended family. Every time I see her, she tells me that I am beautiful and that she is proud of me. Those words are powerful! They most certainly empower me!!!
- Hay ride with some of my 2nd (or 3rd or whatever) cousins. They are the kids of my mom's cousins ... so what does that make them in relation to me? They are all in middle school ... MY FAVORITE AGE GROUP! So it was fun to chat with them about fun and middle school things ... bond with them a bit ... and just sit and laugh with them. :)
- Eating waaayyy too much turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy!!!! Because that is what you're supposed to do on Thanksgiving! ... Overeat and NOT feel bad about it! Yes!!!
- And my favorite part .... walking out into a huge cornfield by the house, breathing in the crisp, fall-heading-into-winter air and watching the sun set. :)

The sky is one of my favorite things in the entire world! The ENTIRE world!!!! I got some great pictures, so I'm gonna share 'em with ya'll! :D

And lastly, one thing I confirmed today is that I LOVE being outside! My woody places post .... my posting pictures of trees and clouds and sunsets .... my obsession with bonfires .... that is only the beginning! Once Ben and James help me figure out how to start my own fire, I will be set! I can just grab a tent and head for the woods ... and just LIVE THERE! ..... At the very least, I can be prepared for my 3-day silence and solitude trip that I am taking over my spring break this next semester! Ha ha! ..... Anyway! Here are some great pictures! God really knew what He was doing when He designed the sun to set each night and rise each morning! Aren't you glad He decided to share this masterpiece with us??? I am pretty much stoked about it!!!!


My Thoughts Exactly said...

Thank you for sharing, Mical. I am thankful that you have family that loves the Lord. I was able to spend some time yesterday with some of my family who are believers (only a handful in my family). We spent the day playing guitar and singing hymns. It was awesome!
Those pictures are lovely. I always feel closer to the Lord when I'm outside and it's quiet. Good luck with the fire building thing. It's an art!

bmhs said...

Those pictures are incredible....while I love the woods, too, I have a certain spot in my heart for the prarie...for wind rushing through grass...for fields wide and open...can you tell I read a lot of Little House books? :)

So, the picture of the sunset with the heads of grass in front of it made my heart leap. Literally. It just went "wump!" and skipped a beat.

That one's gonna be my desktop. Right now. :D

Thanks for sharing them, Mical! Have a great weekend!

Smile as wide as you can! Why? Because that glorious sunset was made by the same God who is working in you. He will make the painting of your life even richer and more glorious than that sunset, for the sunset is for but a few minutes, but you are an entire lifetime.

Doesn't that make you smile? Crank your Godsong up, girl! :)

Love in Christ,