Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spiritual Thought Buddy #2

Well, while I'm at it .... I better tell you about another friend God has been using in amazing ways in my life lately. I love bragging about my friends ... can you tell? .... That, along with bragging about Jesus, is the entire goal behind this Fun and Faithful Tales blog!!!!

Alex Ehrhardt. Yep .... she is my #2 spiritual thought buddy, a great inspiration, and becoming one of my most cherished friends. I've only known Alex since July ... and we have only been growing in our friendship over the past couple of months .... but our bond in Christ has strengthened our bond of friendship in extraordinary ways! It is amazing what kinds of friendships come out of a foundation in Christ! Really! .... I really haven't spent much time with Alex if you get right down to it. We've met for a Jesus talk maybe 3 or 4 times .... maybe. But again ... our Christ foundation links us. And in linking me to Alex Ehrhardt, God has drawn me closer to Him. We have been sharing deep God concepts through our "book" e-mails for several weeks. We both know how to write a lot, so our e-mails are so long they could be books! :D .... And like I said in an earlier post about Alex, when she sits down to talk with me at our Jesus talks, it is like Jesus is sitting next to me, pouring Himself into me. She is so full of Jesus! And her Godsong causes my Godsong to sing all the louder! She is an amazing inspiration. She is younger than I am, and yet she grasps the things of God so deeply ... way more deeply than I do! And she's so good at loving. She loves to love other people. .... She's just a spectacular person! And I am excited to be growing in my friendship with her! I think I can stick her next to my bosom buddy, Emily Karas, and say, "I want to be just like you two when I grow up!" :)

Thanks for all your love, encouragement, and spiritual support, Alex! Love ya, friend! :D


emily said...

hmmmm.... not sure i how i feel about having competition ;) lol!

Mical said...

No competition, love. I only have one bosom buddy!!! :D

bmhs said...

Sorry, Emily.
I will never have the giggle like you two do, so that part is safe.
Thanks for the sweet note, Mical.
In the words of Alec N.: "You rock!"


emily said...

haha... i was only being goofy.... it's a character trait i can't get rid of ;)
haha... my giggle - that's awesome! ya..... barry has been getting a kick out of my giggle this week as he hears more of it! lol!

love you girls! can't wait to get back to indy and see ya! :)