Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woody Places

I'm posting again ... whatta ya know. ;)

Judy recently posted about violin music.  She said that hearing the sweet strokes of a violin is one of the gifts God uses to draw her into His presence the best ... violin music takes her to a place where she can simply bask in God.  She asked her readers to think about a similar gift in their lives ... so that's what today's posting is all about. :)

What makes me feel and know God's presence the best??? ..... Well, I didn't have to think too long .... I think it's an easy answer for me. .... There are a few places ... a few people ... that help me know God better ... but the place where I can sit and bask in God's presence the best is in the middle of the woods.  Any woods.  My best times in the presence of God are when I go hiking with friends or when I sit and simply listen to the sounds of nature.  In my Mammoth Cave posting, I mentioned the "devo. rock" .... and my devotions were so good that day because I got to sit on this huge boulder and be silent before the Lord.  The only sounds were the wind rustling the trees, squirrels running through the leaves, making them crunch, birds chirping, and the soft voices of my friends far off in the distance.  I sat on that rock for several minutes ... silent ... trying to hear from the Lord.  I love the feeling of cold, fall-heading-into-winter air when I take deep breaths.  I love the sound of crunching leaves.  I love the sound of the wind blowing the tree branches.  And I love to see the beauty of God's creation.  He knew what He was doing when He created hills and huge boulders and tall trees and brown and red and yellow and green leaves that crunch when you walk through them.  God's creation is one of His greatest gifts to us.  Bask in it sometime .... it helps you know Him better!  It helps you know His character and His love for us better.

Hiking through woody trails with friends .... or sitting in silence, with nothing by God and His creation ... that is where I know God's presence the best. :)  What about you?  I'm gonna ask just as Judy did. :)  You don't have to post it anywhere (although you should!) ;) .... but think about it. :):):)

Have a great day, everybody!  And go drink some hot chocolate! :D


bmhs said...

Hi Mical!

Mmm...your description of fall is

You're right: spending time in God's creation helps us be closer to Him. If He spent that much time and detail in it, how much more will He put in to our lives?
He cares for the sparrow, and we are worth many sparrows......His faithfulness, His splendor, His majesty, His greatness, His's all on display.
Nature is a giant billboard screaming "Hey! Look at God! Worship Him!"

I already wrote my list of things that move me on Mama Judy's read it there if you wanna see my response.

Any kind of nature and any kind of music travels very quickly to the core of my heart.

Off to read the lyrics to "Waiting" one more time.

Hope your weekend is going well?


bmhs said...

Another thought of things that move me:

Watching the ways of men with little children.

Something in my heart just melts at the rightness...the God-ness, if you will, of a man and a child. The way the guy protects, cares, etc. the little ones around him is just precious. A man hoisting a small boy up on his shoulders, or cradling a little girl in his lap, is simply fascinating. Just as children bring out the womanliness, the mothering side, of us ladies, so children bring out the manhood, the fatherliness of the gents.

Anyone else feel that way?
Do guys feel that way when they see ladies and children?

Any guys wanna answer that one for me?

Just another thought to "things that move me" deep down.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mical said...


That is one of my FAVORITE things about Ben and James Nilsen! Wow! We love those guys!!!! :)

jan said...

I used to feel closest to the Lord outside as well. For some reason I don't as much anymore. I'll have to think about that one....
Yes, I agree with you and Alex-there is something about a guy with babies or little people that melts me!