Monday, July 12, 2010

GoG 176: The Teary Bride and Groom

Well, so much for sticking to ANY of my New Year's Resolutions this year! Ha! I've stuck with this one better than the other two I made, but still ... I have blogged no where near EVERY day this year. Ha! Oh, well. Just keep tryin' ...

The day before SoZo left for our mission trip was the last day I didn't blog ... so here goes ...
GoG 176 - I went to my friend Nathanael's wedding on the 26th of June, and it was one of the best weddings I've been to. The ceremony was nice. The pastor who married Nathanael and Danielle was Nathanael's good friend, a youth pastor at Clayton Christian Church (where Nathanael interned before his current youth pastor job). He explained what the vows meant rather than just having Nathanael and Danielle repeat them. That was fun. But my favorite part of the wedding and my glimpse of grace for the day was when Nathanael and Danielle BOTH cried! :)
From the moment Nathanael walked into the sanctuary to stand with his groomsmen, he was fighting the tears! Sooo cute! And then, as Danielle walked down the aisle, they both were crying!!!! It was so awesome! It was THE best response to each other I've ever seen a bride and groom have at their wedding!
I just found such grace in two people loving each other so much. I hope my husband cries at my wedding ... 'cause we all know I'm definitely going to!!!! :D

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