Thursday, July 29, 2010

GoG 193: The Cupid Shuffle, the Brother, and the Basketball Court

Haha! ... I like to dance! It makes me laugh I like it so much!

I've been to several weddings this summer, and the last one of the summer - James and Hannah's wedding - was really the only one that had dancing. So I've been thinking about my wedding a bit ... ya know, the one way down the road ... when I meet the right guy and such. ;) ... When I think about my wedding, I almost solely think about my reception ... and even more specifically - the DANCING!!!! I've always said, "Sure, I'm excited about getting married ... and I'll kiss the guy and everything, but let's just go dance!!!!!" :D Haha! Love it!!!!

Okay ... let's get to the point ... I recently bought "Cupid Shuffle" on iTunes. SUCH a fun song! It has a choreographed dance to it ... those are always fun. And every time it comes on, I can't help but dance to it!!!! I was on my home from something a couple weeks ago, and when I got home, I pulled my car up next to our basketball court, opened the doors to my car, cranked up the music, and started dancing on our basketball court to the "Cupid Shuffle." It was a blast! And I couldn't help but laugh wondering what the neighbors were thinking! ;)

Well, my brother's a bit of a dancer himself. He used to hold big dance parties at our house when he was in high school. And he likes the "Cupid Shuffle." So I waited for him to get home, and when he pulled up, I yelled, "Wes! Come here! You're just in time!" So I cranked up the music and started dancing. Haha! He laughed at me a bit, but he joined right in for a minute or two! Ha! It made my night! Just a dancin' with my brother!

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