Thursday, July 29, 2010

GoG 194: The Laugh with Pastor

As some of you know, SoZo went on a mission trip to Nashville, Tennessee recently. We had a good time, but I was a huge stressball for most of the trip. But there are some funny stories about my stress that came out of it all. If you read my GoGs for the week of the trip, you'll hear some of 'em!

A couple days after the trip, I was at the church working on some SoZo stuff ... and Pastor came in to pick something up. We got to talking about the trip, and I got to share some of the funny stories ... the kids laughin' at me for stressing about the tiniest things, inside jokes, me thinking a couple of the girls had been abducted. It was just hilarious! I was nearly crying thinking back on the trip and talking about it .... and I think Pastor Roger was laughing more at me than the stories. It was a good time ... and laughter is always grace in action ... always!

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