Thursday, July 29, 2010

GoG 191: The Laughin' at Me

So y'all know this by now ... but I LOVE my SoZo kids!!!! ... Totally in love with 'em! .... July has been a purely "fun" month during SoZo 'cause everyone is just so busy all the time ... and it's summer ... and ya need to chill from time to time. The first Sunday we had a wedding, so no SoZo. The second Sunday of the month we had a movie night. We watched "Up." Very cute - if you haven't seen it. We ordered pizza and watched the movie together ... and we had a great turn out! 13 kids! The whole night was great ... just spendin' time with my favorites!

The highlight of the night ... and quite the glimpse of grace for me ... was laughin' at the movie. It doesn't take much to make me laugh ... and there are some funny parts in "Up." Now, those "funny" parts were mostly only funny to me. Haha! But the teens laughed at me laughing at the movie. Eventually, they all began watching me instead of the movie! We all laughed together. And it was hilarious!

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