Thursday, July 15, 2010

GoGs 178-183: The SoZo Mission Trip!

So the week of our SoZo mission trip was pretty crazy (at least from my end) ... so it's hard to pinpoint each day of the trip. But! I do have 5 GoGs for 5 days of the trip.

June 28-July 2 :)
GoG 178: The Extra Time
All week, I was able to spend lots more time with my kids! Always a plus!!! I spent time with them on our work projects a bit, but most of our quality time was spent together in the evenings back at the hotel for swimming and cards and talks. It was great chatting with 'em, joking around with 'em, and simply just being with them. :)
GoG 179: The Bonding Time
Ha! It's kind of funny to call time with my senior guys "bonding time." That's kind of a girlie phrase. Oh well. ;) ... Most of the older guys in my group don't talk much in youth group. Sometimes, I think they only come out of feelings of obligation ... but then I realize that no one is forcing them to come - they are just faithful. :) Anyway ... they don't talk a whole lot ... they kind of keep to themselves and joke around amongst themselves. So it was great to have them open up their circle a bit and let me in some this past week. It was such a gift from God, as well as a glimpse of God's grace, to spend some quality time with them. :)
GoG 180: The Chat with Em
The last night of the trip, we went for chinese as a big group, and then SoZo and Barry and Emily came back to the hotel to swim. I jumped in the pool for a bit but got out to sit with Emily. It was so great to sit and catch up with each other. It's not very fun to live so far away from each other, but it makes me cherish our times together all the more, I think. Not much more ... 'cause I already cherished 'em a whole lot! ;)
GoG 181: The Mr. Joe :)
Ha! Mr. Joe was great! He was one of my favorite parts of the week, actually. He's a real passionate guy, full of life, and in love with the kids ... and with Jesus. I met him and Barry and Emily's wedding but didn't get to talk to him much. It was great to see him again and get to know another side of him. He was super helpful all week, a great encouragement, and just a ton of fun. And you gotta like a guy who smiles all the time, right? :)
GoG 182: The Dance Party!!!
One of the last days of the trip, Emily put me at the dance party station. Angelica, Kaycee, and I danced like crazy with all of the kids. Mr. Joe put on a worship DVD, and we danced together for God!!!! It was one of the best worship "services" I've had in a long time! Free ... free to be all in and vulnerable in front of God!!!
GoG 183: The first night of the trip, only half of our group got their on time 'cause some of the guys had a basketball tournament the day we left for Nashville. We all stayed up late waiting for the rest of the group to get in ... and Christina and I had a great time talking, laughing, and playing cards. I love that girl! She is a hoot ... and we have a great time together! She graduated in May, so she's headed off to college in the fall. So it was great to spend some quality time with her ... and oh, we laughed! ;)

All in all, the trip was pretty stressful for me ... I was in charge; I hadn't planned everything out before we left; I got discouraged about little things ... it was just rough for me. But I learned a whole lot about planning events, was convicted about keeping an eternal perspective, and had an amazing time with my kids! And my kids got something out of it too .... so I know God used it in the midst of its craziness!!!!! :D

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