Friday, July 30, 2010

GoG 196: The Gushy, Heartfelt Message

Well, crap.
I totally just wrote out an entire post and then deleted it by accident.

Well, this is an important post ... it's grace, and it's about Hannah Baker ... so I guess I need to write it again.

Hannah Baker - one of THE coolest people ever ... is my friend ... my cookie cutter friend to be exact.
Ya know ... those kinds of friends that God knew we couldn't live without, so he "cut" them out for you at the beginning of time.
Yep ... Hannah is one of those - for me. :)
When we get together, we always talk about the things that are on our hearts. We always laugh a lot! We almost always go to Los Rancheros ... our favorite mexican place and friend spot.

A couple weeks ago, we got together for Los Rancheros and a movie night ... and we shared, we laughed, and we just spent time together ... we even made fun of movie characters together. It was a really fun night. And when we headed home. We both got on our computers and wrote each other a pretty gushy, heartfelt message. And we sent 'em at almost the exact same time too! It was like we were cookie cutter friend or something! ;) .... I would share the messages here, but they are a bit gushy ... so I'll spare you.

Hannah Baker is a glimpse of God's grace in my life .... sure thing! But my glimpse for July 16, 2010 was getting a gushy, heartfelt message from a cookie cutter friend. :)

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