Thursday, September 9, 2010

GoGs 241-245: The First Crazy Days at After School!!!

Last week, I started at after school. It's a new program to the Danville schools, and we have tons of kids! I have 20 all to myself, and it is pretty chaotic most of the time! The group leaders and supervisors are working to continually structure the program, but it's been a hard road so far. And I've only been there for 8 days! Whew!

But when God gives you a passion, He sure knows how to help you persevere and even enjoy the chaos and frustrations. I find glimpses of grace in the chaos that is after school ....

I have 20 really cute kids.
I get hugs, hi's, and "Miss Mical, look at this's."
I have kids wanting my attention, making me feel special.
I get to serve the kids by loving them, disciplining them, opening their snacks, etc.
I have kids like Jaxson and Sam who have super mischievous personalities but sooo lovable!
I have adorable little girls like Izzy and Ana who are super agreeable.
I've got little guys like James and Luke who smile all the time.
I can even find grace in Kyler holding my hand after he's cried over something totally insignificant and in Joel giving me a hug after he's thrown his third crying/screaming fit of the day!!

It's been a rough start to after school .... but like I said, God gives me the desire to push through and love the kids.

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