Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pruning (Part 1)

Well, it's true ... I am very behind with my grace posts again (surprise, surprise). I'll catch up with 'em later. Right now, I have some amazing thoughts to share with you. ... My devotions tonight are really awesome. "Are" being present tense because they continue here ... I just MUST share them with you all!!! :)

It amazes me how God works ... always and in perfect ways! Tonight, I talked with my dad about the season of life that I'm in right now. It's a rough season overall ... and it was a difficult conversation with my dad. Nearly tears ... almost. But I came away from it encouraged 'cause my dad is a great encourager, always keeps an eternal perspective, which I need to be constantly reminded of, and his words just simply gave me hope for my current circumstances.

The short version of my life-situation, or my "current season of life," is ...
1. Most my friends are leaving me either by marriage or kids or moving away or busyness.
2. I failed the Praxis 9 times. I still want to be a teacher, and I plan to take the test again. But I struggle with fear that is closer to the paralyzing kind than the healthy kind.
3. I want to find my future husband and work alongside him in ministry, but he's nowhere to be found. (And by the way, several of my friends have husbands!)
4. My insecurities have been nearly crippling me in my calling.

Without going into too much of a pity party, I will stop here. Wow! I'm finding hope in these circumstances, right? RIGHT! :D .... Oh, but first! In effort to keep this LONG post shorter, I'm gonna break it up into two posts. I really want y'all to hear this! And I wanna make sure my A.D.D. doesn't kick in too hard so that I can listen to it a second time ... 'cause this stuff is good! Straight from God. So ... read my next post.

This one is TO BE CONTINUED ...

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