Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chicken Noodle Soup and some Sweet Jesus Peace ....

Mmmm .... Chicken Noodle Soup.  It is perfect for this weather!!!  You can't beat a good old grilled cheese sandwich, popcorn, and chicken noodle soup dinner during cold (frigid!) nights like tonight.  Man.  I'm not ready for this 12-degree weather.  Isn't that supposed to hold off until the heart of winter (January/February months)???  Sheesh.  Well, it's here early this year, I guess ... so we'll just have to embrace it!  And what better way than to heat up some yummy soup and simply warm up with the Spirit.

.... Yep.  This blog post is not just about chicken noodle soup. :) ..... I'm finally done with my semester, and I've been working for my mom the past couple of days.  I'm sitting in the store now, actually. :)  There isn't much to do until tomorrow when we bring some books from home to price .... and I'm here until 7pm. :)  Or until my good friend, Alex, shows up for our Jesus Talk. :) .... While I've been sitting, I started listening/watching a youtube video of a pastor named Louie Giglio (he's the laminin guy ... remember that post?).  He has a 6-part series called "The Song of the Redeemed."  Each part is about 9 minutes long.  Check it out sometime. :)  Good stuff! .... But anyway .... I just finished watching all 6 parts.  Halfway through the series, I ran in the house to heat up some chicken noodle soup ... popped some popcorn ... and headed back out to the computer to watch/listen to this cool pastor guy.  At one part, he started talking about our salvation.  The series is all about worship ... not just worship with songs ... but worship with our lives ... getting excited about the story God gave us ... and "pushing play" on the song of our redemption!  It's a pretty cool analogy ... yep, you would like it Alex and Alec! :D .....

While I was watching one of the clips ... and eating my yummy soup and popcorn, I started basking in the sweet peace of Jesus.  My heart and mind have been shouting at me for quite some time ... for a few reasons ... but this week, God's been pouring on the peace. :)  Isn't that fun?  It's always a joy to rest in God's peace.  And when I say peace ... we can take that in so many ways.  'Cause God provides peace in so many ways and in so many seasons of life.  But the Louie Giglio clips helped me simply bask in the peace that comes through my salvation. .... It helped me put things into perspective a little bit, which is always a tremendous thing! :)

I've been pressing into Jesus a lot over the past several months.  It's been painful but really, really good.  But lately, I've found myself worrying.  Ha!  What the heck, Mical?!  I've been working on this whole trust issue .... thinking that I'm getting closer ... and now ... worry clouds my view of life.  It clouds my view of the big picture.  I'm worrying about things that can't be helped ... when do we worry about things that CAN be helped?  If we could help them along, then we wouldn't worry about 'em.  Sheesh.  *Sigh* .... But anyway ... Worry is no fun.  But in the midst of this worry ... God is pouring on the peace tonight.  And showers of the sweet peace of Jesus is ALWAYS great!  And being reminded of the peace that comes from salvation is even greater!  The thought occurred to me tonight, that no matter what is coming my way ... I am saved.  Saved!  SAVED!!!  No matter what happens on this planet .... in this crazy little thing called Mical's life ... I can rest in the fact that I. Am. Saved.  Wow!  I can get all worked up about things ... relationships ... future plans ... pimples (yes, I worry about those far more than I should sometimes) ... but when you get down to it ... I am saved.  My eternity is secure.  My joy is complete.  My life is good.  Actually, my life is great! :)

Hmm. :)  I am saved.  That's a pretty BIG thought when you sit and think about it!  And amazing peace comes from simply sitting and dwelling on it.  Awesomeness!

.... And it all started with a mug of yummy chicken noodle soup. :)


jan said...

Yep, big picture living. Living with our eyes on Eternity rather than the here and now....keeping our eyes on the prize rather than the race...
I needed this post Mical because I'm a worrier too.
thanks! :-)

bmhs said...

Yep. Good stuff, Mical. It always so important (and so hard) to focus on what's REALLY important...what's temporary vs. what's eternal...what we see right now vs. what we will see later...what we feel vs. what's true...etc., etc.

Yep, it's not easy. Fortunately, it's also not impossible! God will wipe off our lenses and cause us to see things His way.