Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite Family Ever: My Big Brother! :)

Hmm ... remember that "Favorite Family Ever" post I left a long time ago?  It was about my friend, Melissa. ..... "Bumblebee."  Is that ringing a bell?  If not, check out my "Favorite Family Ever" posts on the left hand side of my blog sometime and read the bumblebee story. :)  Well, when I wrote that post, I meant to continue on with stories about my favorite family in the world ... the Cooks/Adamsons gang. :)  For those who don't know, this "gang" is a group of friends from my #1 church family, Calvary Chapel. :) ..... I've known "Uncle" Mike and Jen Cook and their son, Adam, since the first day we started going to church at Calvary ... wow ... almost 16 years ago.  Wow!  They and our family are pretty close.  The Adamsons are Adam's cousins, and we've pretty much known them about as long.  Anyway.  They are a group of absolutely hilarious folks!  They constantly brighten my days.  It is such a blessing to call them my church family.  And over the years, they have become kind of a second family to me ... hence, UNCLE Mike. :)

Well, my next family member story is about Adam. :)  He's been my "big brother" for as long as I can remember.  I have lots of stories about Adam.  He has been one of my longest friends.  He stands right next to Mags on my "longest friends" list.  Adam and Maggie were the two I met first when my family started going to Calvary Chapel. :) .... Well, okay.  On to Adam.  Where should I start? ...... Hmm ....

Adam was my first crush.  Yeah ... I was 8.  My family and his family hung out every Sunday night and Wednesday night after church.  He, my brother, Wes, and I played video games in his bedroom .... Adam played the drums and I sang at worship team practices.  Adam and I played basketball together a lot.  What can you expect? .... Ha! .... But those were before the "big brother" days, so don't get freaked out. ;) ....

Adam has ALWAYS been one of those "pick me up" guys in my life.  Always.  He is amazingly encouraging.  Encouragement is most certainly one of his spiritual gifts.  He is really good at figuring out when people are down .... never hesitating to head over and talk with them ... and NEVER lacking the talent to make them laugh.  He just lives and breathes encouragement.  He walks into a room, and people immediately start "feeling better."  I'm serious!  He's just one of those rare people ... a pick me up ... and he doesn't even have to try. :)  And he is absolutely hilarious!  He makes me laugh more than anyone in the entire world!  No joke!  And, as you all know, laughter is my middle name. :) .... Just the other day (Sunday after church), Adam called me over and said something to the affect of .... "Mike, you are one of those people who is happy all the time.  Does it just come naturally to you? ... It is a rare thing. .... Ya know, I know a lot of people, but you are at the top.  You are always joyful and you laugh a lot.  It's a good thing." ... Again ... not exactly ... but that was the basic message.  It was a great chat.  But then, it's always fun to be complimented, isn't it? ;) .... But yeah!  Adam is always doing that.  He is constantly pulling me aside to make me laugh or to compliment me.  He's an amazing encouragement to me, that's for sure!!!

One story about Adam sticks out in my mind ... I'll never forget it. :) ....... He, my friend, Jon, (his cousin), and I used to play basketball together all the time.  We'd head out to the basketball court behind the church and play almost every Sunday night after youth group/small group ... and sometimes, they would come over to my house and play on our basketball court.  Well, one Saturday afternoon, Adam and Jon called me up and asked if they could come over to hang out.  We ended up spending the whole afternoon together. :)  My brother tagged along for part of the day .... and it was just me and the guys. :)  By this time, I had a huge crush on my friend, Jon, and Adam was pretty much my favorite person in the whole world, so it was a day I'll never forget. ;)  It was pretty great ... no doubt about it! .... We rode go-carts in our backyard; we swam in our pool; we played basketball.  A great day! :) .... So while we were playing basketball ... just shooting around really (you can't do much with three people) ... we were chatting a bit.  I don't remember what we talked about .... but the part of the conversation I will NEVER forget was simple but oh, so important to me.  Adam said, "So Jon ... did you know that Mike is my little sister?  She is.  I'm her big brother.  She's my little sister.  So that means she's kind of your little sister too, which means you can pick on her too." .... Ha ha!  See.  I told you it was simple. ;)  But really, it was huge!  Adam isn't the "touchy-feely" kind of guy, as I call 'em ... and he doesn't just say things to say 'em.  So for him to "announce" me as his sister meant the world to me!  He took the big brother stuff seriously, and that made my heart leap!  Yep ... I'm a sappy girl .... my heart leaps when I get excited about stuff. ;)  Since then ... Adam has been my big brother.  He is one of my all-time favorite guys!  He is, as he likes to call himself, my "prescription."  No matter what I'm up to ... if I'm sad or excited, he comes along and gives me a boost.  He's my laughter medicine.  My pick me up prescription.  A great joy in my life! :)  I love him to death!

So yeah ..... that's my big brother!!!! :D  See why he's apart of my favorite family ever?! :D 


jan said...

Ya know, you're a lot like Adam. You are a huge encouragement to the people in your life too! And even when you're going through heart breaking stuff you somehow manage to think about others and encourage them and/or point them to the Lord!

Anonymous said...

What Mama Judy said.



Sniz said...

Sweet post, Mical! I'm so glad you Adam.

emily said...

yep! adam is every bit of every one of those things you said! he's one of my favorite guys in the world! i was gonna write a post about him a while back because he's so worthy of one! he's just simply the greatest! i just love him to bits!

oh and p.s. i agree with judy! you are an amazing encouragement all of the time mical lynn!