Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh, the Verbs! :D

Wah-ho! I came across a cool Psalm the other day. I sent it to a friend ... 'cause it reminded me of him ... and I meant to send it to ya'll then ... but didn't get around to it. So here it is!

Read Psalm 147. And check out the verbs! Yep! I don't know if it's my "Englishness" coming out ... or what. I've never paid attention to the parts of speech as I've read God's word ... but it was cool to dwell on the verbs in this chapter.

Powerful verbs! Fo sho!!!! .... Things like ... God ... "heals, binds up, gives, supports, covers, provides, favors, strengthens, makes peace, satisfies" ... and so many more! Check 'em out! ... Seriously! Go read this Psalm right now - I'm not joking! ;)

I love to hear God's promise to HEAL .... because He is in the process of healing me over some things. It's a long process ... but His word is full of promises of restoration that give me hope!

I love the verb BINDS ... "binds up." When I think of "binds," I think of God weaving the threads of my life together .... binding each thread to the other ... making it into a beautiful piece of work - perfect and complete. Again ... another promise that He will restore me one of these days. :)

I really like SUPPORTS and COVERS. He is my stronghold ... and He is with me wherever I go. What promises! Dwell on those promises!!!!

And SATISFIES. Yeah! He sure does, doesn't He?! Whenever I read the word "satisfies" in scripture, it reminds me that ONLY JESUS CAN SATISFY my longings, my dreams, my calling.

Mmm hmm. Our God is amazing. And He provides great verbs to help us figure Him out a bit. :) Oh, verbs are fun! :D

Have a marvelous, merry Christmas, all! And be careful on the roads. Oooo - look out! Ice! Have a great holiday, my friends! :D

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