Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fun MeMe (A.K.A. ... a stolen post from Judy!) :D

In your entire life, have you ever ...........

gone on a blind date? .... Nope.

skipped school? .... Not an entire day. But I have skipped a few classes at IUPUI.

watched someone die ? .... No.

been to Canada? .... And, no.

been to Mexico? .... Yes. :) I went on a mission trip to the Texas/Mexico border the summer after my freshman year of high school. I, most of my youth group, and some other folks from our church went down to do some puppet ministry. We stayed with some of the missionaries we support at our church (they live on the outskirts of Texas) ... and we drove into Mexico everyday to put on puppet shows in churches and parks. It was hot! But a good experience!

been to Florida? .... Yep. We used to drive down to Florida for family vacations every summer. We haven't done something like that since I was probably 10 or 11! Wow!

been on a plane? .... I think only once or twice. To and from Texas for the mission trip. To and from Boston with my friend, Mags. I dread flying though. My ears ache (BADLY!) the entire trip! :(

swam in the ocean? .... Yes. But only close to the shore. I am a huge wimp. I am afraid a shark will come bite my arm off or a jellyfish will sting me in the leg! Ahh!

had your booze taken away by the cops? .... Umm, no.

lettered in high school sport? .... Nope.

cried yourself to sleep? .... Heck, yes! .... I cried myself to sleep for the first two months while I was at Taylor my freshman year. And although I'm better know ... I cried myself to sleep many nights back in August. So glad God is healing. :)

played cops and robbers? .... Hmm ... I want to say yes! Man! That sounds like fun! ... But sadly, I don't think so.

played dolls? .... Yeah. :/ .... I was such a tomboy growing up ... how is it that I loved Barbies so much? Ugh.

sung Karaoke? .... Yep! Fun times!

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? .... Oh, yes. Dangit.

cheated on an exam? .... I don't think I've ever cheated on an exam. Ha! I remember accidentally seeing someone's answer to a test question once, realized their answer was correct and mine was wrong ... but I couldn't change my answer because that would be cheating. Sheesh. But sadly, I've let someone copy my math answers before. :(

made prank phone calls? .... No prank phone calls. I don't like the phone.

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? .... I believe so. Hilarious!

caught a snowflake on your tongue? .... Every winter. :)

danced in the rain? .... YES!!! It is so much fun! You MUST try it!

written a letter to Santa Clause? .... Nope. My parents told me Santa was fake from the get-go.

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? .... Does Jesus count? ;) Well, of course He does!

been kissed under the mistletoe? .... Never been kissed ....

Ever been arrested? .... Nope ....

blown bubbles? .... Oh, yeah!

gone ice-skating? .... Yep, and I'm awful at it!

been skinny dipping outdoors? .... Yes. And I'm totally being serious.

had a nickname? .... Yep, yep ... a few. Mike, Mickey Poo, Scubie, Masterpiece ... I think that's all of 'em. :)

been to Africa? .... Nope.

eaten cookies for dinner? .... I don't think so ... but yummy!

been on TV? .... Nope, nope.

been in a car accident? .... Yep. I got a black eye.

What is your Mother's name? .... Jo Ann Masterson.

favorite drink? .... Oh, that's easy! Sweet tea wins - hands down!

favorite alcohol? .... Yuck! I've tried several drinks since I turned 21 ... but they are all gross.

birthplace? .... Good ol' Indy.

favorite vacation spot? .... I agree with Judy - road trips are fun! .... I like going to Tennessee. I love mountains! And I'd like to go to New Zealand someday! :)

favorite salad dressing? .... Don't really care for salad most of the time ... but when I do eat it - ranch.

favorite pie? .... Apple with vanilla ice cream - yum!

favorite number? .... 2005. Yeah ... I'm lame. That is the year I graduated from high school.

favorite movie? .... All-time favorite = Hairspray!

favorite holiday? .... Hmm ... that's a tough one. Probably Christmas.

favorite food? .... That's easy! Potatoes!!! Mashed, fried, baked! Mmmm!!!!

day of the week? .... Sunday - always and forever! I LOVE going to church and hanging out with the Body of Christ!!!!!!!!!!

favorite brand of body wash? .... No favorite ....

favorite toothpaste? .... Whatever's in the drawer, I suppose.

favorite smell? .... Another easy one! --- Campfires!

Do you have any tattoos? .... Nope.

body piercings? .... Nope. My goal is to never even get my ears pierced. No particular reason.

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? .... 4 doors. I like my Malibu!

What do you do to relax? .... Read my bible ... listen to music ... take a nap ... write letters to people ... check my e-mail ....

How do you see yourself in 10 years? .... Hmm! Whoa! I have NO idea!!!! I'll be 31. Hopefully be married and have a few kids by then. :) Be working in kids/youth ministry at my church ... homeschooling my kids ... loving my husband (whomever he may be) ... becoming a sage. ;) But really ... who knows? God's changed a lot in my life so far, and I'm only 21! Who knows where He'll take me in 10 years! Ahh!!!! Trusting Him. Loving Him. Following Him. All the days of my life! :)

...... Well, that was fun! You all should copy and paste this ... and add it to your blog! :D


bmhs said...

It's always fun to learn more about your friends...even if it is mostly random factoids.


Your love of Christ shines through in your answers..I can tell that that is your core, Mical.


:) Alex

jan said...

This was great Mical. I wanted to give you a hug when I read about crying yourself to sleep, and shook my head about the "not cheating on the exam."
And...just when did you go skinny dipping?! That's a story I want to hear!
Another story I'd like to hear is when you were in the car wreck that gave you a black eye. How old were you?