Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More from the Laminin Dude!

So yeah ... I'm back at it! :)  Don't you love blogging? ........ Well, this is a fairly short post.  I just wanted to encourage ya'll to check out some sermons if you get a chance.

I've been sitting at The Porch all day today ... pricing books, helping out the 2 customers that have dropped by since 10am, and yeah ... not too much going on here today.  But!  While I've been sitting, pricing books, I've been listening/watching sermons on youtube.  Yep ... that silly thing is good for something (not to mention the "Spider Man 3 'How it should have ended.'" ... yes, I'm obsessed.  Go check it out on youtube sometime.  Hilarious!). .... Back to what I was talking about.  Seriously.  Tangent Queen. :D ..... The cool laminin guy from a post oh, so long ago ... is a pastor for some big church somewhere.  I know.  I don't know the details on this guy ... sorry for that. .... He is really into astronomy.  And the sermons I've been listening to today focus in on how BIG and POWERFUL our God is and how SMALL and INSIGNIFICANT we are! .... That may not be something you want to hear ... but it is so needed in our lives!  We get so "puffed up" at times ... thinking that we are something special.  When, in reality ... GOD is the only one who matters ... and He is the CREATOR of us.  He is the Creator of the entire universe, which He holds in the palm of His hand. .... Okay ... so much for a short post, huh? ;) ...... Go to youtube ... type in "Louie Giglio" (the name of the cool pastor guy) ... and check out two of his sermon series (By the way .... how do you make the word "series" plural?  Hmm ...).  Check out these series --- "How Great is Our God" and "Indescribable."  They show lots of cool pictures of the galaxies in our universe ... and how BIG and POWERFUL our God is. .... You might want to put this on while you're doing housework or homework or something like that ... 'cause they are fairly long sermons ... but a good thing - they are broken down into 9-minute segments. :)

Well ... if you get some time on your hands.  Ha!  'Cause we all have tons of that these days. *Lots of eye rolling!* ;) ..... Check these out!  Louie's a pretty passionate speaker, so you shouldn't get bored.  And you get to see lots of cool pictures of what God has made outside of our tiny planet earth.  It's pretty cool.  Check it out, if you get a chance! :)

Have a great day, all! :D

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