Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't make plans ....

I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (At least for now!) I've got an entire month off, and it's one of the most amazing feelings I've had in a long time! .... I just finished the worst semester of my life! Some crazies collided with the beginning of school year ... so I kind of dug myself a hole, academically, from the get-go. I lost all motivation. I was near depression in some ways. So what did I do? I pressed into Jesus! Bitterly ... angerly at times, but I sought after our mighty Savior! It was a struggle ... to say the least. And HE is the ONLY one who pulled me through this awfulness (well, He let a few people in on the help too). I pulled out of the semester though ... I'm probably gonna get a C in one of my classes (Mical Masterson doesn't get C's), but my other grades are good. :) So God is faithful. And .... I'M DONE!!! And it's only UP from here!!!

... I've got tons of great plans set up for next semester. "Whoa! Careful, Mical!" ... is what I hear myself saying. If there's one thing I've learned this semester (and I've learned far more than only ONE thing!), it's that we can't make too many plans. I've been making a few plans for several, several years ... and over this past year ... God's been wipin' 'em all away! But let's stay uplifting here ... God is wipin' 'em away because He's got something amazing up His sleeve! So ... I've learned ... don't make plans. Don't get so caught up in what you think YOU want to do ... don't even get caught up in what you think GOD wants you to do!!!! 'Cause He very well may CHANGE EVERY BIT OF IT!!!! ... And believe me ... I'm not trying to be a debbie downer here. I am just trying to look at the big picture (another lesson God's been teaching me). :) ... Nothing we do matters. Jesus is it. Jesus is the only one who matters. His plan. His purpose. His calling. Him. So when I make plans, I need to keep HIM at the FOREFRONT. I need HIM to be my ultimate goal. .... I guess I can make plans, but I need to not get too attached to them. How 'bout that? ;) So ............. saying all of that! I have some great "plans" lined up for next semester. But I'm trying to keep Jesus at the forefront in these. :) Let me share 'em with ya!

First off, I have a better schedule than this semester. This semester, I was at school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from about 8 in the morning until about 8 at night. It was plain awful. Tuesdays - 8 to 4:30pm. Still, not that great. And in that schedule I was taking 17 credit hours, tutoring in the writing center about 8 hours a week, and having an internal emotional/spiritual/crazy battle (see my first paragraph). It was just awful. Okay. I'm done complaining about it. Really! It's over! ;) .... THIS COMING SEMESTER (let's move on to "up" things!), I will be taking 12 credit hours (a much better load), tutoring in the writing center 10 hours a week, substitute teaching in the Speedway school system on Fridays, and hanging out with kids at Shepherd on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I love tutoring! I've always wanted to teach (that was one of those plans I got attached to and God's putting on hold ... hence, my change of major at IUPUI). I love hanging out with kids! And my school load is not so much. I'll also be involved with Higher Ground ... and perhaps another Bible study or two. It just depends. :) .... So yeah! I'm excited about a great semester!!!!

Hmm. You wouldn't believe I got on here to write a completely different post. A post about a song God's been putting on my heart lately. Ha! But this huge tangent turned into a blog post of its own. :) Hope you guys are interested in my life. Ha ha! 'Cause that's what this post is all about ... and I'm done with it. Ha! Thanks for reading my ramblings, all! Hope ya'll are having a great week - it's the weekend - enjoy it! :D


Wani said...

You're a busy girl! Don't forget to prioritize and set aside some "HIM TIME". It'll be the best time spent! (not that I have any room to talk! I do not get near as much "Him Time" as I should!)

bmhs said...

Great post, Mical!
I'm so glad that your crazy semester is done! What a wild time.

Something you said stuck out to me a lot.

"I guess I can make plans, but I need to not get too attached to them."
I really like the way you put that. Don't get too attached to them. :)
What I've learned the past few years is that when I get my big plans in my head, I have a real hard time being open to God's ideas. I'm looking for what I think is best.
Did you notice how many "I's" were in that paragraph compared to "God's"?
Yeah. Not good.
But when we are open to His far He will take us!
Beyond our imagination....beyond our wildest dreams...amazing. His plans are always far better than what we thought was best...even when we don't see it right away.

Keep laying the page of your lifebook before God, Mical, and be willing to let him add commas where He pleases. He knows where they're needed!

Thanks for sharing your lessons with us--we need 'em!