Sunday, December 7, 2008

Worship with Sight and Smell :)

The Mall Manhunt! What a fun idea!

Grace Fellowship takes its youth to the Circle Center Mall once a year ... usually early in December, for a game of "hide 'n seek." And I got to go with them last night! It was super fun! :D For three reasons! :)

#1 - I love young people! I got to hide from the youth all night ... and I got to hang out with Paige and her friends on the way to the mall and all the way home. Always fun to listen to teenager's conversations. ;) ... And we listened to Radio Disney. Ha! Always hilarious!

#2 - I love Grace Fellowship people ... and I love that I am a part of this Body ... even though I'm not. GFC is my second church family, and it is a blessing to call the amazing people of Grace just that ... my FAMILY. :)

#3 - While I hid in the mall, I spent most of my time in the calendar store. I headed straight for the "nature" section. I spent nearly the entire game "hiding" in that store! I looked at calendars full of pictures of sunsets, landscapes, mountains, clouds, rainbows, moons ... all kinds of stuff. I'm a big nature person. Being outside is one of my favorite places to be. I love simply sitting and watching the sun set, sitting in silence listening to the wind blow through the trees ... I love taking pictures of the sky ... of mountains ... of cool nature sites. It's one of my favorite things to do. ... The whole time I was in the store, I kept thinking, "Wow, God! You really knew what you were doing with this rainbow!" "Oh, Lord! This mountain range takes my breath away!" "Whoa! That cloud design in the sky is incredible!" ... It was a huge blessing to just stand and bask in God's presence through His creation. I couldn't leave without buying a calendar! :) ... And then I headed over to a candle store and bought a candle named "fireside." So now ... my room smells like my favorite scent in the world - a campfire! ... And I have a calendar full of rainbows hanging on my wall in my room! :D

It was a simple blessing ... basking in God's presence through my senses! Praising God with sight and smell ... good stuff! 'Cause ya know ... complimenting God on His handy work is worship. :) Take a look around you today ... use your senses to worship the Lord! :D


Wani said...

The Mall Manhunt is one of my favorite things that we do around Christmas! Isn't it fun?!? I'm glad you're a part of our "family" too!! Love ya!

Big Doofus said...
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Big Doofus said...

We dig Mical and Calvary Chapel people, too. So, it's mutual.

Toni said...

Hi, Mical.
It was nice meeting you Friday night (I was sitting with Andrea at the table.) And I can completely relate to this post. I am so in tune to nature, to the point that I have confused people by "thinking out loud" about it. For example, one time we were driving down the road and came to a stop sign. I looked over to the side of the road and saw a leaf swirling around in a mud puddle, the gray clouds of an overcast day reflected in it. It was so beautiful to me. I tried to verbally express that and got blanks stares from everyone. They just couldn't "see" it. Oh well, it's the unique sight I was given by our creator and I am thankful for it.

Sniz said...

Yesterday, the girls and I were in the car. It was a really gray, cold, rainy day and we were downtown in a not-so-nice section of run-down houses. Baylee looked up and said, "Look at that, Mom!" I looked, and caught in the bare, black branches of a tree against the gray, heavy sky, were four brightly-colored balloons. I know the balloons aren't nature, but it was as if God was smiling at me amidst the dreariness around us. It really gave me a lift and made me thankful for a daughter that is always looking around at the world God made and is able to see something positive where most people wouldn't.
And Mical, I am sooo glad you're around! You are one of the most enthusiastic, positive, happy, Godly people I know and I love hanging around you.

jan said...

I'm so glad you had not only a fun time, but a time to just stop and visit with the Lord. That's pretty amazing considering you were in a mall!:-)