Thursday, October 2, 2008

The BEST Thought I've EVER Heard!!!

Wow, guys! Hannah has a link posted on her most recent blog post, and it is AMAZING! It is the BEST - I'm serious! - the BEST thought I've heard in a long time! Maybe the best one I've EVER heard - period! It's soooo good that I'm copying and pasting it right here! Right now! It's a blog from some youth pastor guy from somewhere. (Yes, don't you love "vagueness"?) ;)

I haven't checked out any of his other posts, but the website for his blog is ......... Read this post, and really, really think about it!

#413. Trying to find a cause.

Have you ever doubted your purpose in life? Have you ever thought, “What am I supposed to be doing?” Or why am I here? Why don’t I have a mission in life?

I have, with increasing intensity these last two weeks. I’ve been wrestling with the question, “What’s next God?” I’ve been reading books about purpose and listening to great sermons like Craig Groeschel’s “Warrior” series. I started asking God, “What do you want me to do? What would you have me do for you? What did you put me on this earth for? What is my cause?”

I wanted him to tell me to start a ministry or be a spiritual warrior in faraway lands on a faraway adventure. I wanted him to give me a big cause so that I could do big things for him in big ways. But last Monday, in the midst of working through the weight and burden of feeling like I didn’t have a cause, I felt like God reminded me that he doesn’t think like I do. Maybe, when he hears me crying out for a cause, when he hears me asking him to transform me into a spiritual warrior, he wants to cry back:

"You want to be a warrior? Be a warrior of need and surrender. Make fighting for a relationship with me your greatest cause and see what other causes come out of that. See what other causes I put in your path. I can bring you adventures, but those things are small. Those are tiny compared to the cause of surrendering your heart and soul to me. That's your cause right now. Daily, hourly surrender of your heart and soul to me. You are on an adventure, make no mistake, but the real adventure, the big one that I cheer loudest about from the bleachers of heaven is for your heart. The adventure that begins every morning. That is the adventure I care about. Don't miss that one."

And I do, I miss it all the time because I focus on "what's next" instead of "what's now." I get so lost thinking I need to “do something for him” instead of “be in a relationship with him.” Like it says in Revelation 2:4, I forsake my first love. Repentance. Forgiveness. A minute by minute, all consuming need for God.

I don't want to miss that adventure. I don't want you to miss it either. God has big, crazy things planned for all of us. But the biggest adventure, the greatest cause, the grandest purpose, is the one that starts in our heart.

This post really hit home with me because I've been asking the same questions ... "Lord, you've taken a bunch of things away from me lately ... and I can deal ... I'm healing ... but what am I to do now? What's next?" Wow! .......... "Make fighting for a relationship with me your greatest cause and see what other causes come out of that." --- THAT is ALL God is calling me to do right NOW!!!! Yep! That's it! That's all of it! That's my CAUSE! That's my PURPOSE! Not just now ... but ALWAYS. When I get my relationship completely right with Jesus, and when I make my relationship with Him ALL of me, ALL of what I'm about .... that is when He brings the other purposes - the important yet smaller ones - into my life! I focus way too much on the "what's next" rather than the "what's now?" What a great thought! ......... I know I just repeated everything this youth pastor guy just said, but his thoughts are so APPLICABLE! So EXACTLY exact!!!!! Yep! Wow! A MIGHTY thing to chew on, for sure!!!

Okay ... that's all for now. Let's make our relationship with Jesus our GREATEST cause! Much easier said than done most of the time, but ..... let's give it a try! (A LOT of tries!!!) Yeah!!!

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bmhs said...

Amen, sister!!!!
Powerful thoughts.
Let's keep keeping on!

And, yes, I WILL reply to your e-mail.
Life's a bit wild right now, and such communications are best performed when I am in a fairly coherant state of mind, and not, as Mark Twain famously said, "of a sound body and a depraved mind". :)