Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's To Do List :)

So it's the last day of October 2008 .... I've posted more posts this month than any other month (yes, I've only been blogging since the middle of August ... but ya know!)!!! I have a long list of things to do today (IT'S THE DAY BEFORE JARED AND MAGGIE'S WEDDING!!!), and I thought I'd write myself a "to do" list. :D

Friday, October 31, 2008

#1 - Pick up my bridesmaid dress from Cheryl.

#2 - Deposit some money in the bank .... withdrawal some money.

#3 - Mail Malibu payment.

#4 - Head to the Porch to help mom with her Publisher program.

#5 - Call Jared and Mags and ask what I can do to help them get ready for their special weekend!

#6 - Make sweet tea for tonight's rehearsal dinner.

#7 - Take the tea to the Porch.

#8 - Hang out with Shelley at some point. (Yes! Pastor Mike and Shelley are in town! I saw 'em last night!!!!!!!!!)

#9 - Come home and pretty myself up for the rehearsal.

#10 - Rehearsal at GFC!

#11 - Rehearsal dinner at the Porch! (Bonfire!!! Which means chili, hot dogs, sweet tea, and s'mores!!! .... Oh, and celebrating with Mags and Jared too!) ;)

Yep .... I know I forgot some things, but that's about all I can remember!

Swweeet! ....... See most of you at the wedding tomorrow! :D

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