Friday, October 24, 2008

Patrick the Persimmon

Hey, everybody! Let me introduce you to Patrick! ....... Yep ... Patrick the Persimmon!
Patrick is the creation of all the ladies who went on the Calvary Chapel Ladies' Retreat last weekend. Yep, I was there too!
I will tell you the story behind Patrick right now, and then I'll share all of my adventures with him in a later post. Get excited! This is one of the greatest stories you'll ever hear! :D
Alrighty ... sooooo!
I and probably 17 other ladies from my church headed to the Indian Creek Camp and Retreat Center down in Oolitic, IN (it's down near the Bloomington/Bedford area) last weekend to get away from the crazies of this life. It was a great time to relax, laugh, get into the word, pray, breathe in the crisp, October air, be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and be encouraged by great women of God. It was a marvelous time! ................ Little did we know that a little man would be joining us on this all-ladies retreat. ;) He turned out to be one of the highlights of the weekend for all the ladies on the trip, and it was a hilarious time! :D
So ... the story of his coming into existence is as follow .................
One of the events we got excited about on the trip was The Amazing Race. If you've seen it on TV, you'll know what I'm talking about. :) So ........ our super cool leaders (the ladies who put on the whole retreat) made up a series of activities to complete in one hour. The team to get the most activities done successfully by the end of that hour won cool prizes! (My team won!!!! And I got a cool "God Journal," as I'm going to call it!) .... Well, one of the activities was to take pictures of random objects. We had a list of objects written on a piece of paper. The list had several items on it .... like metal, a turkey, pine, a hat, the color purple, something heavy, a flying object, a persimmon ..... things like that! And the more things you could get into one picture, the more points you got! So!!! Guess what my team did!? We made a little persimmon man!!!! Yep, take a look at Patrick! He is a PERSIMMON! He is riding on a TURKEY feather. He has a stem that we called a HAT. He has PINE sticking out of his head. He has METAL screws for legs. And what you can't see is that we had a lady with a PURPLE shirt make him FLY over a HEAVY block. YESSS!!!! We had half of the list in ONE picture!!!!!!!!! Needless to say .... my team won. And it's all because of Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, by the time The Amazing Race was complete .... everyone on my team had grown too fond of Patrick to just throw him out in the yard .... how could we do that?! He was our new little friend! So we took him into the lodge and set him on the counter. Later that afternoon, I thought that the story of Patrick would be a great blog post! So I took a picture of him, and I was ready to go at it! ... It wasn't a minute later that a super fun lady from my church, Cheryl Huffman, told me I couldn't just take a picture of Patrick .... but I needed to take pictures of him DOING things! Soooo! That idea began a spiral of super fun pictures! Patrick ended up doing all of the things we did on the ladies' retreat. So ............... (yes, I know I say "so" a lot) in a later post or series of posts, I will show you guys pictures of Patrick the Persimmon undergoing all of the activities that we did on the amazing Calvary Chapel Ladies' Retreat!!!
So stay tuned! You don't want to miss this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bmhs said...

I don't think I'll sleep until you post the next installment of "Partyin' with Patrick". I'll be bleary-eyed, clutching a Mountain-Dew-laced cup of coffee in one hand, the other hand feverishly clicking on your blog link, begging for a the next episode of persimmon-laden hysteria.

Either that or I'll chuckle and take a shower in the next 3 minutes.

Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to seeing more fun pix of your new buddy.

PS I say "so" a lot when I'm writing as well. So no big deal. ;)