Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Persimmon Grove ... yep, that's right!

OH, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily and I were on our way to Lawana's house to do a practice run on our hair for Mags' wedding, and I couldn't resist!!!! Lawana lives behind the Clarion Hospital, and on our way to her house, we passed this new neighborhood! It is called PERSIMMON GROVE!!!!!!!!!! And there is a street called PERSIMMON GROVE DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!
And we never would've found it if we hadn't gotten lost on our way to Lawana's house! It was probably the BEST thing I saw and experienced all day (other than my amazing hair later that night ... yep, I'm SO posting some hair pictures in my next post!)!!!! Too much fun!!!
If you don't know what is so great about this story .... scroll down and read about Patrick the Persimmon ... my new friend from the Calvary Chapel Ladies' Retreat. .... I'm serious! Read it! What a great day! :D

1 comment:

bmhs said...

The world will never be the same...you will always be looking for persimmons now. :)

Hey, speaking of: they had persimmon pudding at the Fall Fun on Sunday.

They're everywhere!!!!