Monday, October 6, 2008

Wes' Testimony!!!!!!!

Ahhh!!!!!!!!! My brother sent me an e-mail today, and this is what it said! (It's his testimony!!!!!!!!!!!!) .................... "Yo mike, one of the guys on the team is putting on a bible study for guys on the team. I'm trying to put together my testimony... how does this sound? --- i dont have a very elaborate testimony. its pretty basic. My dad lead me to christ at an early age. however I'm not sure of the exact date/time. Ive been saved for so long that i tend to take it for granted from time to time and live for myself rather than for Christ... I know im saved becasue God always catches me. he convicts me and hits me with the realization that how i'm living is the wrong way. Living for Christ is a strugle however its the best decision ive ever made. God brings me peace and happiness i cannot understand. liiving for Christ is a gradual growing process." .............. Isn't that amazing?! MY brother! He loves Jesus! What an AMAZING blessing! (For those who know Wes well, know this is BIG for him!) Yay!


Anonymous said...

Yay Wes!

emily said...

this makes me so happy.... your brother makes me smile and hearing that from him makes me smile REAL big for him!!!!