Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Especially your giggle."

So I'm sitting in my mom's bookstore ... I WAS doing homework - honest - but the conversations of the customers are keeping my mind from my reading. I don't read well anyway ... and with all the noise - it's impossible. But my mind CAN focus on writing at the moment ... especially blog writing! So I'm gonna go at it until the customers leave. :)

Here's a story for ya. :)

A couple weeks ago, I was standing at a computer outside the entrance of the University Library on campus, and all of a sudden I heard, "Mical Masterson!" I recognized the voice immediately and turned around to find Hannah Baker walking towards me. I was more excited to see her than usual because I hadn't seen her on campus yet and I had an awful night the night before. (And she's one of those people who always makes me feel better! Hannah's pretty amazing!) :) ........ We hadn't gotten to talk much in the previous couple of weeks, so we were both excited to see each other. We stood and talked for close to a half an hour. We talked about all kinds of things in that half an hour - things that made us sad, things that made us super excited, things that made us laugh. It was a really fun conversation. :)

Well, we must've had a bit too much fun because about 15 minutes into our conversation, a guy in a blue vest came over and stood next to us. He had his arms crossed, and when I finished my sentence, we looked at him ..... and he said something to the affect of ... "Could you guys either lower your voices or go somewhere else to talk because your voices are carrying all the way up to the 4th floor ... especially your giggle" - that part was word for word. .... "Especially your giggle." Ha ha! ....... Hannah and I both coured a bit and apologized. When he went away, we saw that his vest said "Library Security." Oooo ... ;) As soon as he was out of ear shot we started laughing (more quietly, of course ... we didn't want our "giggle" to carry up to the 4th floor again! Haha!). Too funny!

It was pretty much the highlight of my day! I am loud and obnoxious by nature ... and my laugh is probably the loudest part about me. It always makes me laugh (harder) when people tell me to be quiet. I get told that every now and then .... not too much, but probably more than the average person. ;) More than once, when I've been out with Mags, I'll be traipsin' around a store with her talking in my loud Mical voice or laughing about something that is not really all that funny to a "normal" person, and she'll "shhh" me. She doesn't like to be the center; I do. It's as simple as that. Ha ha! And I remember one time in the library with Ben ... we were on the 4th floor .... he was interviewing me for a project he was working on ... and he "shhhed" me more than once. It was pretty funny. I can't help it. I'm loud. I don't know how to change that. But at times, I'm proud of it. .... Like that day with Hannah in the IUPUI library. .................. Too much fun!

Alrighty .... well, that's my story. Do YOU have any fun stories to share??? :D

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