Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yet Another Stolen Post (from Judy and Barrett) :D

Yay! I love stealing blog posts from Judy. It's becoming a habit of mine. :D

She let Barrett post on her blog today, and he used a "fill-in-the-blank" set up, as I like to call them ... go to to read little Barrett's post ... and here's mine! :)

Outside My Window... is darkness and cool autumn air and cars zipping by on the highway.

I am thinking ... about how much I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow but how excited I am to strive after Jesus for another week!

I am thankful for ... my friends. God has given me the most amazing friends in the world. I'm thankful for growing friendships with Ben Nilsen, Judy Nilsen, and Alex E. They are becoming some of the most amazing encouragers in my life!

From the kitchen ... I have food that needs to be packed for tomorrow's lunch and some strawberry muffins that need to be warmed for breakfast!

I am wearing ... my favorite shoes in the world - my crocs! ... my favorite blue jeans (a whole size smaller than usual) ... and a green shirt.

I am going ... to strive to spend more time with Jesus this week and write the BEST biography of Judy that I possible can! :)

I am reading ... my Bible - the Psalms, Romans, Numbers, and doing a topical study on "trusting God."

I am hoping ... for healing and an INCREDIBLY cherished and broken friendship to be RESTORED!

I am hearing ... the sound of my parents watching TV downstairs.

Around the house ... I find peace by just BEING. Do you ever just need to "be"? My home ... the house I live in, is a refuge from the crazies of this life.

One (Some) of my favorite things ... conversations with Ben, hugs from Emily, blogging, peace from the Lord, smiley face fruit snacks ....

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... love Jesus more this week than I did last week! ... call my friend, Rachael Miller, and tell her I love her ... write a stinkin' great Judy Nilsen bio! ... get the oil changed in my car.

Well, wow. Wasn't that fun? I thought so .... I hope you all weren't too terribly bored with it. ;) Bye for now!

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bmhs said...

I think I'll steal that idea in the future.