Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GoG 152: The Bra and the Lady in Wal-Mart

Ha! Today, I had an interesting conversation with a lady at Wal-Mart. If any guys read this, be warned ... I will be mentioning a bra. Just giving you a heads up. ;)

I went to Wal-Mart to look for a strapless bra, and while I was in the bra section, a woman came up to me and started asking me about the bra she had picked out ... not as if I worked there ... just 'cause she wanted another opinion. Not too weird so far, right? Well ... just wait. So ... in the midst of her asking about her bra, I could tell that she was a "little off." Just a bit of an odd lady ... not quite all there socially ... maybe not as old in her mind as she is physically. Not sure, really ... but it was an odd conversation. So, she's asking me what I think of her bra, all the while talking about how the one she has on just isn't doing it for her ... and then she lifts up her shirt ... as though I want to SEE what she's talking about. ... Umm ... yeah. I was a little uncomfortable. Haha! But again, she was a bit "off" ... so I just smiled and listened to her continue on about her bra situation. During our conversation about bras, she told me about all kinds of family things that had been going on in her life recently and shared with me that she got a tooth pulled last week ... and then she'd start to leave, saying, "have a nice day. I hope your summer is good. Enjoy your summer. I hope you have a good day." Repeating herself over and over ... then turning back to me to continue the conversation ... then saying, "Well, I better go. You're a really nice girl. Have a good day." Ha! It was really quite humorous.

But I don't say all of this to make fun of Peggy Kay. I say it because she was my glimpse of grace for the day. ... I LOVE it when total strangers strike up conversation with me. Heck, smiling at me, saying hi, or just simply making eye contact with me makes my day better. But this lady not only said hi, made eye contact, and struck up a conversation with me, she obviously felt comfortable enough with me to lift up her shirt and show me her bra! Ha! NOT that I wanted her to do that ... haha! But my point is .... she talked to me, felt comfortable talking to me, and I could tell that I really made her day better just by listening to her and talking back. And no matter how odd the conversation, it was a blessing ... it was grace somehow.

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