Friday, June 11, 2010

You HAVE to be called!!!

Well .... why do I have a blog? Everything I write is WAY better when I'm spilling my heart to someone specific ... most often, more so than on my blog anyway. Ha! Yet again, I'm gonna post something here that I've written to a friend, a new friend of mine - Jared Snyder. It's about my passion: youth ministry! So read on if you desire to hear my ramblings about the life of a single, 23-year-old girl in youth ministry in Danville, Indiana. I'll post a blurb of it here at least :) .....

Anyway ... I'm so excited for you! I know we've only met ... what? ... twice? But Emily told me about your heart for young people and about your internship in Evansville. I want to do the same thing! I AM doing it ... just feeling out some possible further training, etc. in ministry. But I hear about you being on and internship and think "Gosh, I'm jealous!" And "Gosh, that's awesome for him!" So I think about ya from time to time wondering how things are going. Thought I might as well ask. And NOW! You're challenging me to pray for ya! Good job! I have a paper on my desk now that says "Pray for Jared Snyder - internship in Evansville." :)

Keep at it! God is teaching me (over and over) :) to be faithful where I'm at (NOW! ... not worrying about the future) no matter how hard it gets ('cause it gets rough from time to time - whether apathetic kids, dysfunctional kids, low attendance, forgetful students and parents, etc.)! BUT! Like I said (and like I know you know!), it is MORE than rewarding! ... I know I'm going on and on (if Emily didn't tell you, I'm oober long-winded ... but of course, you know that by now!), but ... one last thing! I listened to a youth ministry cd about 4 months ago ... a speaker named Jeanne Mayo ... and something she said really stuck out to me. I've got it written in big letters above my office door at church ... and it's really helped me get through some of the toughest times in ministry over the past few months. Hope it fuels you a bit too! .... "Decide in advance that you're gonna keep abounding because your work is never in vain when it is in the Lord." ... No joke! This simple statement has been an anchor for me this year. We ARE CALLED by God! So let's love these kids, push them to Christ, and be consistent No. Matter. What. :D

Okay, I'm done. I'm impressed if you've read this far. Can you tell I love youth ministry? Can you tell it's not easy? Ha! Have fun this summer!!! God IS using you - I know it!

Praying for you, new friend!
Mical :)

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