Sunday, June 6, 2010

GoG 155: The Change that is Still the Same :)

Today (which is really Saturday even though the post will show up on Sunday ... it's 12:20am) was a good day. I helped decorate for Tiff's bridal shower, was apart of the shower, and then helped clean up the mess. I hung out with one of my SoZo girls for an hour or so. Then I came home to clean the house. And finally, some friends came over for a game night. Good times! My GoG for today is #1 that I have friends. But even more specific, #2 - Jared and Mags and Oliver were here at my house. I miss those guys! Ever since Jared and Mags got married, our friendship has changed ... as it must. And then they had Oliver ... changing our friendship even more ... as is what happens. I've been fairly discouraged about nearly all of my close friends getting married and having babies ... only because all of that changes friendships soooo much. I've gotten better about it recently - God's been doin' work on my heart - yay! And tonight was just another blessing - it was more grace in action - 'cause Jared and Mags got to come over for the game night ... they got to be apart even though they are married and Oliver was with them. It was just a huge blessing to get together with old friends. :) It's good to know that even though things are changing, they are still the same. :)

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