Sunday, June 6, 2010

GoG 154: The Facial Expressions of a Baby

So I babysat the McRoberts kids again last night. It's always a good time. They have such good kids ... and they like me, so that's fun! Well, Sam has been my glimpse of grace once or twice this year .... and guess what? He is again! I'll be a little more specific ... but it's still about Sam. :)

Sam is such a good baby. Sure, he cries. But overall, he's pretty happy ... and he's old enough to smile at facial expressions. Oh, so fun! And I like making faces at babies. It is so cool to see all of their expressions in response to mine. They sometimes look confused ... or perplexed ... or scared ... or excited. It's so fun. And Sam is pretty animated. My glimpse of grace was Sam's facial expressions in response to my facial expressions. Having a baby smile back at you is a pretty amazing feeling ... at least I think so. :)

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