Thursday, June 3, 2010

GoG 153: The Myriad of Weddings and the Two Dresses

I took a couple of bridesmaid dresses to Cheryl Huffman today. She's a wonderful lady from my church family who hems/alters dresses when I need 'em. I went to her for my dress for Maggie's wedding and my dress for Emily's wedding. Now, I'm going to her for my dress from Tiffany's wedding. So it's a right-below-the-knee-length dress - red, strapless, with a satiny-blue layer that pops out around the bottom of the dress. It's got a blue ribbon tied around the waist with a white flower on top. Super cute! And then there's the dress I wore in Maggie's wedding - long and flowy, a maroon color, spaghetti strap - but double strapped, empire waist with beads hugging the breast line. Cheryl is alter the maroon dress, making it just-above-the-knee length so that I can wear it to my myriad of weddings this summer. I'm so excited!

It's such a blessing to have Cheryl alter the dresses for me ... she gives me a discount for being our church's youth leader ... and she always does it with a cheerful heart. I so appreciate her!!!

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