Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GoG 157: The Sentimental Gush and Mical's SoZo Guys

Monday night was our second night of VBS. A handful of people from Calvary are doing a "melodrama" each night .... and they are soooo good! Hilarious! Lots of great country accents! .... A couple of my youth group guys and girl are in the skit, and they are down right hilarious! I got home from VBS that night all sentimental and terribly proud. :) I was talking to Andy about my sentiments ... going on and on about how proud I am of all of those guys and how blessed I am to be apart of SoZo.

It's amazing to me ... how much I love people ... my kids, in this case. It's a love that goes so deep that I ache sometimes. Usually, aching for someone only comes if they leave me. Like, I ache for Emily 'cause she's far away in Nashville. I ache for Shelley 'cause she's far away in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. But my kids are still here! .... I guess I got to thinkin' about how several of my guys will be graduating next May. Ugh. What a hard time that will be! My kids are just growing up on me ... and they're not even that much younger than I am!!! Ha!

But they ... my guys ... were my glimpse of grace for Monday. Just thinking about how proud I was of them, how much I love 'em ... all the gushy stuff a sentimental, emotional girl like me feels when thinking about her kidos. What grace to be apart of their lives ... and for them to be apart of mine! :)

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