Friday, June 25, 2010

GoG 172: The SoZo Girls' Lock-in

Tuesday was our SoZo Girls' Lock-in at Calvary. We'd never really done one before, and the girls had raved about doing a sleepover ... so how could I resist? I scheduled one a few weeks back but forgot to remind the girls about it other than a quick text the day of the event. I didn't have a huge turn out, but 4 girls was pretty good for SoZo. I didn't have an agenda for the night, but wow! It was awesome! I had such a good time! And so did the girls! :)

We played board games; we ate lots of junk food; we danced - I mean REALLY danced!; we played hide 'n seek in the church; we ate more junk food; we had a pillow fight; we watched movies; we lip synced to music; we painted finger nails; we did blind makeovers - with blindfolds and everything!; we ate donuts for breakfast; we even cleaned up our mess afterward. Ha! It was such a fun overnighter. And what a joy to spend some extra time with my girls and see a different side of them. Praise God for youth ministry!!!! :D

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