Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GoG 158: The Powdered Sugar Mustaches

Yesterday's glimpse of grace took the form of powered sugar mustaches and a little girl named Taylor.

We had "cowboy biscuits" at VBS last night. Donuts with powdered sugar. Now, I'm a little kid at heart ... so I grabbed some powdered sugar and made a mustache on my face. I got the kids doin' it too ... and we even have pictures! It was tons of fun! I was so thankful the kids humored me a bit. ;) The girls' mustaches obviously came out better than mine and the boys'. :)

And during story time, an oober cute little girl from our church jumped
up on my lap and whispered little nothings in my ear the whole time. 'Cause what 3 year old can sit still for 20 minutes for a lesson?? Ha! Her name was Taylor, and she was a hoot! (She's the tiniest girl in the picture).

Oh, the joys (and the grace!) of little kids ... and being one at the age of 23!!! :D

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