Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GoG 156: The Night of Cowboys and Cowgirls

Sunday night was our VBS kickoff, and it was awesome! We're doing a Wild West theme this year ... so there were plenty of cowboy hats, vests, boots, "yee-haw's, some chili and hot dogs, and even some country line dancing! Oh, it was amazing! The whole night was a glimpse of grace, really ... what's better than a church family getting together to cheer on the kids of the church by throwing a chili-hot dog-cowboy party! And all to share Jesus with them!

But the country line dancing was the BEST!!!!!! I LOVE to dance!!!! Pretty much any kind! So being given the opportunity to dance is always grace for me. :) If you haven't seen it already, go to my Facebook page, click on "videos" under my profile picture, and you can watch us dance!!! Amazingness, indeed! :D

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