Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GoG 58: The Q & A with TobyMac

So ... at the youth pastor's conference, I got to meet TobyMac!!!!! .... Well, I didn't formally meet him and shake his hand. But after his concert, he went back to this huge room for a Q & A with all of us youth pastors.

I found out that Mr. TobyMac is an incredibly humble, down to earth, fun guy who really loves the Lord. He shared all kinds of stuff with us about life on the road, his family, his time with DC Talk, his time with this new band, Diverse City ... which is his current band. Wow. He also shared his testimony, which was incredibly encouraging to me. He shared that a youth pastor led him to Christ ... it was because of someone just like me that he came to Christ!!!! .... Yes, I shouldn't boast. And I don't mean to. I just mean that the work God has called me to is MIGHTY! Just like that youth pastor who led TobyMac to Christ, I can help point my kids to Christ as well. God is and will continue to use me in the lives of my kids. And that is incredible!

The other big thing I took away from the Q & A was TobyMac's testimony about a specific prayer he's been praying for years. He said, "I've only committed to praying a few specific prayers in my life." And one of those prayers was that God would bring him godly people to walk with him, push him, call him out when he needs it, be like a family to him. And that's what his band has been to him. Diverse City is his family. And they are all godly people whom God brought alongside TobyMac. I was so encouraged because I've been desiring the same thing, but moreso than praying, I've been demanding, telling God what I need, and TobyMac's testimony helped me see how wrong I've been to do that. I was reminded that I just need to pray for God to bring the right people and trust that He will (and He already has ... and will continue to).

I was amazed at how listening to a rapper, hip-hopper guy would be sooo encouraging. It was one of the best parts of the weekend. :)

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