Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GoG 63: The Writing Center That Changed My Life!

Last Friday, after I got done working in the writing center, I stayed after an unusually long time. Yes, my last session went longer than it was supposed to ... but I got to talkin' with some really cool ladies I work with. Tere, the director of the writing center ... and Lynn, one of our faculty tutors. Both of them are awesome professors at IUPUI and amazing tutors in our stinkin' awesome writing center. They have both been a great encouragement to me over the past three years. They both believed in me from the start, when I was sooooo nervous I didn't think I could withstand the training seminar class, much less be a tutor .... and they have constantly encouraged me since then.

We got to talking about all kinds of things ... but in the middle of our conversation ... Tere turns around from the computer she was facing and blurts out, "Mical, you have grown so much ... I was listening to little snipets of your sessions this afternoon, and you have come so far ... you are so confident." And Lynn chimed in with, "I agree. You are so much more confident." .... And I was so blessed to hear those compliments because the writing center really has changed my life. My work in the writing center has had one of the most profound influences on my life out of anything I've ever done. Seriously. I have grown in confidence as a writer, as a READER .... but most importantly, as a person!!!! I have learned skills that will help me all throughout life. I have grown up and come out of my shell quite a bit. I have really grown ... as an individual. And working in the writing center has been such a gift in my life. So it was great to hear such compliments and reminders! God's grace! That He allows us to grow and prosper!

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