Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GoG 82.5: The Life-Giving Friend

In addition to becoming an unofficial aunt today, I met with my dear friend, Sara-Ruth. Sara-Ruth and I have described ourselves as very similar to one another but different at the same time. We both stress about little things. We both love deeply but are afraid of being vulnerable. We are really hard on ourselves. We get worked up (excited) about simple/goofy/wonderful things. The list could keep going. :)

Sara-Ruth is one of my all-time favorite people to chat with, spend time with, just sit close to. She is ... as she put it - a life-giving friend. She talked tonight about how I make her feel better ... that she goes away from me feeling as though she can take on the world again. She said that when she spends time with me it's as if I "radiate something ... there's life there." And so she, in so many words described me as a life-giving friend.

But that is what she is for me. I told her that, once I leave her, I can say ... "Okay, life! Let's do this thing!" All I have to do is see Sara-Ruth, and I am feeling better than before I saw her. All I have to do is get a hug from her or see her and her family at La Ranchera and chat with them for 2 minutes, and I feel better ... as if a new breath of life was breathed into me for the day. .... Not many friends do that. I think I count the number of friends who do that for me on one hand.

Sara-Ruth is so genuine, passionate, God-fearing .... a ray of sunshine, really. And she doesn't even know it. And it is her friendship ... her life-giving friendship that is my second glimpse of grace for the day ... GoG 82.5.

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